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Why John Todd Co?


     Septic systems need routine maintenance. While they are excellent at recycling the used household water, they are not designed to treat solid material that enters the tank. All of your food scraps and whatever flushes down the toilet ends up being held in the first compartment of the septic tank.

Colorado regulations require that your septic tank be pumped a minimum of every 4 years.

For households with more than 4 people, we recommend every 2-3 years.


If you own a restaurant or any business that has a commercial size kitchen, then you are probably familiar with the need for grease trap pumping. The Colorado Health Department is very strict about the frequency that the grease trap is pumped since it can cause a public health hazard if not pumped regularly. John Todd Co. keeps detailed records and forwards all necessary paperwork to prove that you had your grease trap pumped. 

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Learn about your septic system

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