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The John Todd Legacy

In loving memory of John Todd Sr.


The John Todd Legacy

John Todd Company was started in 1945, and has a unique legacy. After serving in the military in World War II, John Todd moved to Denver, Colorado, from St. Louis, Missouri. When asked by a neighbor to install a septic system, John Todd stayed in the industry when referrals kept flooding in. In the beginning, the septic systems were hand dug with a shovel, often with his wife, Edna, using a crank and a bucket to haul up the dirt when it got too deep. In 1947, Edna was saving up for a winter coat when John realized that he needed to own a pump truck. She offered her savings to make it possible. That was the first truck that John Todd Co. put into service.



In 1958, the John Todd Company began to manufacture septic tanks, and became one of the leading manufacturers in Colorado. Although we are no longer a manufacturer, our company has continued to repair, install and service septic systems. John Todd’s son, Jack Todd, has worked in the septic industry alongside his dad for over 50 years. After John Todd passed away in 2011, his hard work ethic and integrity have passed down to the third generation of the Todd family working in the business today.

Our vision, and our mission, is to do everything with excellence, and to treat others the way that we would want to be treated. Our goal is to be known as the “standard” in the industry, for both customer service and quality of work.


We look forward to having you as a part of our family!

Jack Todd, President


Introducing the Todd Companies Family Network!

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