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Why John Todd Co?


Since septic systems are basically manufactured ecosystems, balance is key in keeping every component functioning properly. ​

Our detailed inspections evaluate the performance of the mechanical aspects of your system; such as: Septic Tanks, Septic Pumps, Aerator Pumps, Higher Level Treatment Systems.


We also evaluate the natural components of your septic system, such as your Soil Treatment Area (leach field), effluent filters, and any additives that might be useful to extend the life of your septic system.


If you have had a septic backup in your home, or have been dealing with odors outside of your home, an inspection can help pin point the exact issue. 


The best part about having John Todd Co. do the inspection is that our inspectors are also repair technicians that can often fix the problem while on site. Don't call multiple companies, let us manage your septic system for you!

Introducing the Todd Companies Family Network!

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