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What to do when your septic system is backing up:

  • The first thing to do when your septic system starts backing up is stop running water. Most people forget that when sewage starts flowing into their home it's because the water they are using does not have anywhere to go, stop running water and the flow of sewage will stop!
  • Avoid using the restroom, shower, running dishes, laundry, etc. until the problem with your septic system is resolved. You will have to go to a neighbors home or local recreation center to use the shower or restroom.

Stop Running Water

Check Water Level In Your Septic Tank

Normal Operating Level

Water Level Too High

  • If the level in your tank is normal: Call A Drain Cleaning Company because your problem isn't in your septic tank, the problem is in the line to your house.
  • If the level in your tank is too high: Call Septic Service Company because there may be serious issues with your septic system. If you are in the Denver / Parker area, John Todd Co has emergency pumping. Call 303-791-0520
  • If your septic system backed up, getting it pumped or snaked is only a temporary fix. If you leave it the way it is it will likely happen again.
  • Call John Todd Company or another company with certified inspectors that can analyze the problem with your system and recommend any repairs that might be needed!

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