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03. Healthy Habits of a Septic System

Septic System Do's and Don'ts

     If  you are a homeowner there is a constant list of things that need to get done around the house. We also understand that your septic system should be at the bottom of your priority list, we want to help you keep it there! Following a list of best practices can extend the life of your septic system by decades. Invest in your system, read and FOLLOW this list of healthy habits and best practices.

1. Trash it if You Can


     The less solids you can put in your septic system the better. This includes food scraps, tissues, diapers, cigarette butts, condoms or tampons, coffee grounds, etc. Fats and grease from cooking should never go down the drain. Garbage disposals in the syncs can harm your septic system. If it needs to be ground up in the sink, trash it, don’t drain it. Left over food scraps can take 20 times longer to process inside a septic tank than normal wastewater and solid waste.


2. Chemicals and Drugs are a NO GO


 Any kind of chemicals should not go down the drain but should be disposed of properly. Never put paint, paint thinners, oil, gasoline, pharmaceuticals, photographic chemicals, weed or insect killer down the drain.. Do not use chemical drain cleaner! Avoid using bleach, antibacterial soaps, or harsh cleaning chemicals.

3. Less is More


Be mindful of how much water you use. Things that might use a lot of water that you are unaware of are water softeners, laundry, and dishwasher. Water softeners can dramatically shorten the life of your septic system. If you have a water softener, call your septic service provider or John Todd Company and see what options exist for treating water softeners. Also, turn off the water while soaping your hands and brushing your teeth.


4. Keep Off the Field


Do not drive vehicles or heavy equipment on top of your leach field (Soil Treatment Area). Do not build or landscape on top, do not plant trees too close to the field. Route your roof drains to flow around your field. Don’t use automatic sprinklers on the area of the leach field.

5. Pump it & Check it


You NEED to regularly pump the solids out of your septic tank. Also the components need to be checked; if one vital component is missing and goes unchecked for a long period of time your system can rapidly fail. John Todd Company can put you on a routine service contract and remind you whenever service is due.

6. Alarms are Your Friend


    If you have an alarm system installed with your septic system, it is a valuable tool that can keep you from having sewage backup in your home. If the alarm goes off, call your service provider immediately. John Todd Company puts priority on any system with an alarm going off and will schedule a site visit as soon as possible.



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